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My name is Alex, I am a film editor and devoted storyteller. I have worked on documentary feature films, shorts, commercials and music videos. I was born and raised in London but am fluent in Spanish and Portuguese. Some of my recent work includes: a Spanish version of ‘Running for the Revolution’, a documentary feature film streaming on Apple TV, a documentary series trailer by photographer  Rankin, a campaign film for AMG with Will.I.AM and a Crawlers music video for Universal Music.  I am accustomed to working on big-budget productions as well as smaller independent projects. I understand the importance of grasping a vision, but that as an editor one is also responsible for filling in the gaps and significantly elevating any project. I am motivated by an innate drive to tell stories,  reframe existing narratives, criticise, open dialogue and foster empathy for other lived experiences through layered characters. I have so far edited mostly short-form and am working towards long-form productions for theatrical release, streaming and television. 

I also have a background in filmmaking: I graduated with an MA in Directing Documentary from the Escuela Internacional de Cine y Televisión in Havana, Cuba. I have directed several short documentaries that explore pressing social and political issues through intimate stories. I always strive to question, to capture subtleties and nuances. My films have won awards at film festivals and been screened on television. I think my experience directing has greatly informed my practice as an editor. It has made me understand the vital importance of the relationship between director and editor; that the goal is to foster such synchronicity that, as an editor, you are already fixing a problem the director was about to verbalise.  

Get in touch, let’s collaborate.

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